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Nothing makes Nancy Ball happier than to share her expertise with you, because real estate is more than just her job, it's her passion. When she's not helping her clients buy or sell their home in Calgary, Nancy is giving back to the community as much as she can. From organizing social clubs to discussing the Calgary real estate market with journalists, here are some of the articles and events that she's contributed to over the years.

Caring Realtor Forges Thriving Seniors Club

By Karin Klassen

For Neighbours, Calgary Herald, December 31, 2009


When Realtor and Home-Stager Nancy Ball went door-knocking for clients in her Glamorgan neighbourhood she got much more than she bargained for.  Finding dozens of seniors home during the day with not much going on, she decided to get the bingo ball rolling and start a social club.

 "When I realized a lot of these active and interesting people were home during the day and just houses away from each other, I decided to see if we couldn't get them together. I phoned the City, and they donated a few signs. We advertised in the newsletter and took a poll to see if there was interest. There was. When the very generous Glamorgan Community Centre offered space -- all the pieces for a social club fell into place," explains Ball, who has served on her community association for many years.

 Today --2 years later -- dozens of 'vintage' citizens, and Nancy, party-down at the Glamorgan Community Centre the first Tuesday of every month.  From friendly Scrabble play-offs to groovin' to the Harmonica Cats, these elderly enthusiasts have gone from afternoon arm-chair to doing the Macarena with Dan-the-One-Man-Band, never missing a beat.

"The best thing about it is the camaraderie, and the pot luck," says Dave Thomson, a former teacher and one of the original club-goers who has lived in the community since 1959.  "There are always cookies and cakes, lasagna, you name it. If you really want to find someone who can cook -- ask a senior. Of course, my wife Phyllis's potato salad is the very best," he adds diplomatically, laughing.

 Party-planner extraordinaire Loretta Brown, caught baking "crispy-crunch squares" for the upcoming Christmas social, enthuses.  "After the kids leave home and you no longer have school or sport functions, you can tend to lose touch. This gets everyone back together.”  They also share yoga, movies, dominoes; keeping the cost to a toonie helps. Most of the members are single, though married couples also partake.  Members' car pool or walk, and are encouraged to bring new friends and family into the fold.

 The club started slowly, with initial soirees attracting only a handful.  "I was almost in tears when we held our first social, and only 2 people showed up," says Ball -- who has previous experience with socializing seniors.  Many moons ago, as a Bishop Grandin high school student, she served tea and toast at the Mayfair Centre after school.

 "What I've learned in life is that if an idea sparks, there will always be people who can help. You just have to ask.   So many people came forward to help put this in place, and so many people help keep it together."

 Give credit where credit is due, clarifies Thomson.

 "Nancy is a very special person. When someone's excited about something -- you can't help but be drawn in." Brown agrees. "Nancy started this thing and is the glue that holds it together. We couldn't have done it without her – make sure you put that in the story."

The Glamorgan Seniors' Social Club is always looking for business participation (door prizes) and affordable entertainment acts. If you would like to participate, and who wouldn't, contact Nancy Ball


Five Things To Know If You're Thinking Of Buying Real Estate

By Lesley Scorgie 

Globe Investor Magazine Online, September 26, 2008 

Why buy now?

Not only are prices low, current interest rates on mortgages are still historically low, Justin Charbonneau, an advisor at investment management firm McLean & Partners. A review of interest rates at shows five-year close rates range from 5.25 to 6.85%, compared with more than 8% in 2000.

There's also plenty to choose from. Annual listings growth is still outpacing sales in 22 of 25 major markets across the country, and the ratio of new listings to sales remains near a nine-year high, Robert Kavcic, economic analyst at BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc., writes in a research note.

According to Nancy Ball, a top realtor for CIR Realty, "Buyers have enough time to decide what is best as the prices have stabilized when compared to two years ago."

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Building Your Wealth: Where To Buy Now

by Romana King

MoneySense Magazine, September/October 2013 



Our realtor panel, consisting of more than 35 experts helped us factor in the countless intangible factors that will impact these neighborhoods over the next three years. These local real estate experts are up to speed on projects and have a good sense of the mood in each neighbourhood, and told us which places are headed for further gains-and which ones have already crested as buyers move on to lower-priced hotspots nearby.

Don't let the threat of long, cold, dry winter deter you from buying and investing in Calgary real estate. "The city definitely provides great neighbourhoods for families as well as communities that attract young, urban professionals who want to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle," explains Nancy Ball, a Realtor with CIR Realty as well as a professional home stager.

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 MoneySense Magazine: Calgary Family Home Sells Easily

by Romana King

MoneySense Magazine Online, Nov 27, 2014


What you need to know:
A modern, updated detached 4-bedroom in a neighbourhood MoneySense Magazine identified as one of the Top 10 Best Deals in Calgary real estate in 2013. The renovated home, listed by Nancy Ball with CIR Realty, which includes 9-foot ceilings, built-in cabinetry, a landscape backyard retreat and a grand staircase, prompted a sale in just over a week.

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