Home sales rebound in October

Posted by Nancy Ball on Wednesday, November 9th, 2016 at 12:24am.

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At this time of year I reflect on both of my Grandfathers' lives as veterans as well as many others that sacrificed their lives for our freedom.. Without them, Canada would not be such a wonderful country that we call home. A country that celebrates multiculturalism, freedom and individuality. Seeing everything that is going on elsewhere in other countries, makes me so proud to be a Canadian.
You may already have heard the current news on mortgage applications in Canada but please take a look at the article in this month's issue as it will help shed some light. City wide sales increased last month and I have been able to negotiate some great deals for both my buyers and my sellers. Pricing, presentation and strategic marketing are still essential. Analysts are predicting a better market in 2017 and I remain optimistic that this spring will produce higher sales and prices than last.

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Home sales rebound in October
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 October 2016 Statistics

    Active Listings   New Listings
*Last 30 days
*Last 30 days
Benchmark Price
*Last 30 days
  Detached 2565   1325 1031 $464,500
  Apartment 1542   509 251 $273,800
  Attached 1320   530 362 $329,600

Last updated November 1, 2016
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Q: Should I bother to make repairs to my home before selling?

A: Minor repairs can lead to a better sale price as buyers would prefer to move in without having to do any major work.  Buyers often include a home inspection condition in their offer which may allow them to back out of the deal if the home does not meet their satisfaction.  Once problems are noted buyers can ask to have repairs done or lower the initial offered price to negotiate the final sale.  Getting quotes of the work needed can help but it can be difficult to get that in the desired condition removal date of the offer. That said, I have been able to do this with my buyers and sellers if we get organized and sellers have sometimes given more time for condition removal to allow such quotes in order to be fair to both parties.

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