Having a Great Summer

Posted by Nancy Ball on Tuesday, July 5th, 2016 at 11:31am.

Hope everyone is enjoying the relaxed atmosphere that is summer so far! Did you have a chance to make it to the stampede this year? The attendance numbers were down about 7 per cent this year, which I thought was pretty good considering the uncooperative weather. But I had to brave the rain and take a trip down there at least once this year! I had a great time and the food was interesting, as usual, from monkey balls to jalapeno corn dogs.

It was another great month for me as I made the Top 10 Office Top Producers List for the month of June. I could not have achieved this without your referrals. I appreciate your trust in me and always strive to take it up an extra notch not only satisfying the clients but to make you look good as well! So thank you!

The market has become more balanced than downward like the media would have you believe. I competed last month with other offers and we didn't have to pay the list price whereas I priced a listing just right and we got offers $20,000 over the asking price thanks to staging and marketing. Special thanks to Jacques Krzepkowski for the referral last month!  I really appreciate the continued support from you and others.  I have been staging a few homes per week for Realtors as well as clients who just want help organizing & decorating their space. It has been rewarding to help people get more $$$ for their house and their Realtors are happy too! This issue I added in the last article about decluttering and "Sparking Joy". I am always looking for new ideas and hope you like it! 

Enjoy the sunshine,


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