Detached versus higher-density segments: two very different stories in August

Posted by Nancy Ball on Friday, September 16th, 2016 at 12:59pm.

Hello Everyone, 
Are you thinking like me? Less than one week of summer left! I don't let the calendar dictate that for me but I've been enjoying time outside.  I have also been encouraging my clients to get their backyard and front exterior photos for their records in case they decide to list during the colder months. It never hurts to have that to show potential buyers :)
The current market may allow more time to choose if you are a buyer and if you are a Seller in an area of lots of competition; price and presentation is key. Having a pleasant first impression can help which brings me to the fun articles in this issue like "13 Things Designers First Notice in a Home" and try taking the "Paint Quiz". I did! Very quick and thought provoking.
Thanks for the recent referrals I got this month. I appreciate meeting with them all and helping where I can. 
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Detached versus higher-density segments: two very different stories in August
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August 2016 Statistics

    Active Listings   New Listings
*Last 30 days
*Last 30 days
Benchmark Price
*Last 30 days
  Detached 2720   1524 980 $503,200
  Apartment 1571   615 267 $274,900
  Attached 1365   620 320 $331,000

Last updated September 1, 2016
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Q: When is the best time to sell my home?

A: I find in Calgary buyers come out in February and March whereas Sellers list May and June so it is never a perfect science as it is mostly based on supply and demand as well as economic factors. Summer can be less busy in Calgary but a lot of families like to be settled before school starts in September so it is important to know your target market as this may affect your property depending on your prospective buyer. By the end of November, the market slows down due to the holidays and starts back up again in January.

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